Larry T. Baskin

My name is Larry T. Baskin. I am from the Warskish Indian Reservation in Minnesota. As you can see I am obviously Native american because I have a tommy hawk and Native American choker. I am pretty much and expert on anything Native. I provide many Native American services for a fee. I live in a Winnebago with my wife and our 3 children. I love those little Baskins! I travel the country with comedian Tito Ybarra telling my story. Everyone seems to laugh at me too though! Hmm?????
Anywho! I’d love to come to your country and teach you all about Native stuff as I am the expert, I mean look at the pic, my shirt says powwow of all things! I mean don’t let the blond hair fool you! I was born that way because I’m very sacred and my full blooded Native American grand parents always told me I would change colors. Any time now. Thanks for your time.