Peter Ybarra, also known as “Tito.” is an enrolled member of the Red Lake band of Ojibwe.
For years he has traveled the powwow trail as a powwow singer competing with many drum groups across Indian Country. But for the last 4 years, comedy has been his focus. Tito has built quite a following in the U.S.A. and Canada via his YouTube channels, “Tito Comedy” and “The Powwow Friends.”
Tito loves to role play as many different characters in his videos, which is uncommon in the Native Comedy community. “I enjoy doing stand up comedy and have performed at schools, conferences, banquets, graduations and casinos. My goal is to continue to travel and visit different communities showing how I use humor as healing and as a way to teach young people what can happen when a person ventures out of their comfort zone.” Please take some time to check out the links below, and keep Tito Ybarra Comedy in mind for future gatherings or events. Thank you for your time.


“One of the few comedians i’ve worked with that when i heard one of his jokes i said, “wish i would have thought of that.”
Ryan McMahon

“He has everything we had but at such an early age”
“I have seen alot of new comics and he’s the best I’ve seen”

Charlie Hill